Alberta Golf and Golf Canada are committed to promoting participation and excellence in the sport of golf. As a member of these two organizations you are helping to grown the game by supporting programs for all golfers. This means you are helping to promote and grow the game, inspire our athletes and create better golf experiences and a bright future for the sport.

Your membership dollars support many programs designed for golfers of all ages. Alberta Golf actively conducts championships, programs and services to help shape the present and future of golf in Alberta. As the authority for golf in Alberta, Alberta Golf also administers the Rules of Golf, handicapping and course rating. Your Alberta Golf/Golf Canada membership means you are part of the largest and most vibrant golf community in the country.

You may already be a member of Alberta Golf through your golf club. If you are a member of an Alberta Golf member club ask for your Alberta Golf/Golf Canada membership card today.

Engaging Every Golfer in Alberta Membership Booklet

Club Membership

Types of Alberta Golf Member Clubs:

CATEGORY I (Club): Is a golf club that has members who pay annual dues or a golf course that offers methods of payment to those individuals who have the intent of playing regularly on that course.

CATEGORY II (Group): Is a club that has been formed by persons who are not members of a Category I club, who play golf together regularly at one or more golf courses and wish to meet all criteria set out in these By-Laws or Alberta Golf policies for Member Clubs.

CATEGORY III (Course): Is a Golf Operation that is open to the public but which has no Category I members. A Category III club may have one or more Category II clubs operating on its premises.

(Membership cards are not issued to Category III clubs.)


AGA Bylaws 2013

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